HSBC Assessment Centre Group DCM / IBD / ECM / HY&LF (Urgent Help pls!)


Hi guys,

I’m going to HSBC AC for DCM graduate this Friday, will appreciate any input for it!

Could anyone been there before give some details on any of the following aspect?

  1. Your background, and what technical qns did you get?
  2. What non-technical qns did you get?
  3. Case study and presentation
  4. General advice

Many thanks!
Pls private message me if you do not feel comfortable writing here.


Hi, I applied HSBC and accomplished the online test one month ago. BUT it still keep silent. Does it mean I am rejected?


Hi Jiaowan,

I hope you’re well and your AC went well.
I have one coming up very soon in DCM for Lloyds B G. How was your HSBC one? Can you please detail for me as it will be of great help ( non-financial background).
private message if you’re not comfortable here.

Many thanks,