HSBC Assessment Centre 2013 Graduate Program


Hi everyone,

I have recently received an invitation to the Assessment Center for the analyst program - Global Asset Management. It would be much appreciated if any of you who have experienced or have knowledge of the AC could shed some light on it. Particularly, I am interested in knowing more about the business questions I would be asked and the case study.




I am sorry i dont have the answer but was curious to ask you a question. How long did it take you to get the invitation to the AC from the phone interview?




1.5 month after I passed the interview.


where did u apply jthtse?


Hong Kong


thank you for the info!


have u done the ac? how was it??


i’m invited for ac as well for hong kong management associate program, can anyone share some insights?


hey mt313 - im sorry i don’t have an answer for that either, but i have a qn for u…how long did it take for them to tell you about the AC from the phone interview?


2-weeks. Did you apply to the same program? All the best to you, let me know if you’re invited to the assessment centre. Till now I’m still waiting on a date for it


congrats!!! all the best for it!! i applied to regional specialist development program and had a phone interview with them around 6 weeks ago; and haven’t heard back … i guess the chances of getting AC with them for me is really low then :frowning: - r u from hk? or do u need to fly over?


Hi jessecue im from HK haha but right now I’m in the uk for uni so I’ll have to fly back for ac. I suggest you contact them directly because I didn’t get a reply for 2 weeks either so I emailed them and turns out they said they were unable to contact me


who did u email?? the email for grads? i emailed them a month after my interview, but haven’t received a reply yet (cuz they told me will hear back from them in 2 weeks time whether im successful or not)…i heard assessment centre rounds should be around feb though…so like now?? (and pretty sure hsbc pays for ur flights and accommodation as well~) - anw all the best for ur AC!!!


Hi all, I have an assessment centre for HSBC in London coming up on Feb 22nd (Global Banking and Markets - Technology Analyst - Global Analyst Induction Program). Can anyone offer some insight into the following:

  • What is the essential technical knowledge you need? (EPS, EBIT, EBIDA, discounted cash flow…etc)
  • For the case study, how did you structure your presentation? What is unsuccessful versus successful structure?

Thanks -



jessecue, how was the phone interview like for HSBC regional specialist dev prog? what type of questions would they ask? :slight_smile: Hope it went well for you and not all hope is lost!!


hey hummingbird, did u get an interview for hsbc for the program too?
i’ll post the ans here so everyone else who stumbles across this thread can get an idea too :slight_smile:

the phone interview was really short, mainly behavioural qn like e.g. give me an example of a time when you worked in a team, why hsbc, why the program, what do you bring to the company etc…lasted only 20 min so pretty short~…hope this helps, good luck!!


Thanks jessecue! yeah i did, for the risk division. Thanks for the info!


Hi jessecue, I applied for HSBC Regional specialist dev prog as well- Finance Div. What about you? I had my tele interview on 8th feb and am still waiting for an update now. I guess ACs will be in march. My app status online just said ’ Telephone Interview Completed’. I hope they will give an update soon though, the whole process has been so so long!


Hi guys!! I am wishing you all the best for your careers :slight_smile: !!
Quick question: Does anyone know what the CRS and FSA information is? I have applied for the Operational Leadership program at HSBC and they asked me to provide them with these info but i have no idea what that is… Thanks in advance anyone who can help!!


How did the assessment centre go robert.lemeur? Did they answer you already?? How was the environment and the exercises?? Any examples of the exercises?? I will possibly attend an assessment centre at HSBC in the near future so i could use some insight!! Hope everything went well with yours and you hear some good news soon :slight_smile: !!