HSBC AM telephone interview


Hi everyone. I got an e-mail stating that I passed their online screening + tests and now have to book an interview. I applied for Global Asset Management (EMEA) for a full time analyst role. Can anyone advise on the competency questions they likely ask or share your previous experiences? I have taken note of some of the questions shared in the other HSBC thread, but I thought I would start a new thread for the first round telephone interview for AM.

Thanks very much in advance.




How long after the test did you receive the invitation to schedule an interview? What kind of options did they give you when scheduling?


does anyone know what kind of questions hsbc asks in a phone interview for asset management? and how long does it last?


How were the tests? Were there any good sites that helped you with the preparation?



Ricky could you please post what how the interview went?


could anyone please tell us how the inverview went and what they asked please?
thank you


has anyone been called for AC? anyone rejected? or all waiting?


I got a telephone interview two days ago, and then received a mail saying I “have been successful in meeting the minimum criteria” and they will “be conducting a final review of all successful candidates prior to the next stage of the selection process”.

I guess everyone gets this message and I am still waiting for AC…do you have the same story?
Btw, I am applying the summer internship 2011 for Global Private Banking.


anybody thats had an interview with AM, I would appreciate any info as to what to expect. Also, im especially interested in anybody thats been to the AC.



has anyone attended the AC for Asset Management? any details would be much appreciated!