HSBC 2014 Global Banking Advisory Graduate Programme


Has anyone heard back from HSBC yet? I completed their online test for 2014 Global Banking Advisory and have not heard back since then. Anyone knows the rough timeframe for HSBC’s recruitment process?

Any update will be useful~ Thanks!


Just completed mine as well… it says ‘you have completed the numerical test’

Have you heard anything yet?


Just completed mine as well… it says ‘you have completed the numerical test’

Have you heard anything yet?


Nope, haven’t heard back since the test.

Btw, have you already done an internship in IBD before? I am not sure if I am “qualified” for IBD graduate application if I do not have any experience in front office … Do I stand a chance on getting an interview? What do you reckon?


You should be fine mate… I haven’t done anything in the IBD as well… You just need to show you’ve got it up there I believe.
When did you do your test?


I did mine abt a week ago and haven’t heard back since then~ Do you have any internship experience in any roles in a bank or are you as blank as me? lol


I do but it was in retail… and a brokerage but nothing major. You’ll be fine be interested in them and the field you’re going for thats all that matters once you get the interviews.


Did my numerical tests and got an e mail in the afternoon that i passed the minimum benchmark for the tests and i will be informed in due course if I progress to the next stage which is a telephone interview.


Same here!


Do you only need to sit the SHL numerical or both (Numerical and Verbal tests) for HSBC?


only numerical for me


same here~ u heard bk yet??


Hi all, has anyone who applied to ‘‘Full Time - Global Markets - Debt Capital Markets’’ and heard back from hsbc yet?


I’ve had my phone interview a few days ago albeit not in the global banking advisory stream- just wanted to know if anyone has been invited to the AC yet? I was told that the general time frame to hear back was 2 weeks, is this what you’ve all experienced?


I received a call today about the numerical reasoning test and the lady on the phone told me to have it taken by tomorrow 9am. It is my first time taking sucha test and since she said 90% of the ppl pass the test, I took it without much concern. I honestly thought that the test was a bit difficult. Because I was running out of time, I panicked and guessed a lot of the problems towards the end. How difficult did you guys think of the numerical test honestly? Since I’m not a Finance major, I also had trouble solving turnover rate, etc, problems…


Hey guys!

I have an assessment centre with HSBC in couple of weeks, position Corporate Banking trainee starting April 2014. Did anyone attend AC recently? Please share your experience, it will be much appreciated.