HSBC 2014 Fulltime Singapore Global Banking Advisory Assessment Center



May i ask does anyone receive the AC invitation for 2014 fulltime analyst Singapore Global Banking Advisory Assessment Center? There is something change in my application and I am afraid I may miss the chance.

Please update me if you get the AC invitation.


I’ve been waiting for almost a month since I passed my telephone interview. Have you heard yet?


No news since then…keep me updated if you hear something exciting…


I am also in the same state as you all are in. I got an update yesterday that they are still in the process of review and will inform us asap,


same here…it seems that those emails are trying to asure us and ask us to wait patiently…


yup got the same email :confused:


has any of you heard back by any chance?


No. It remains the same. I am losing hope because of this unusual delay. Anyone from SG got an AC invite till now?