HSBC 2014 Application


Can anybody else not find any vacancies for the HSBC 2014 graduate programs, I mean we’re near the middle of september and applications still aren’t open???


HSBC is open now, but they have positions only in London, Singapore and Hong Kong


I don’t think you can apply yet mate. Later in September I imagine. I am worrying about the candidate questionnaire. Think there is a lot of fluke involved in whether you pass this section or not. Anyone got any tactics for this leg of the process?


Why haven’t they opened UK graduate programmes yet?!


All positions are open now


Found it sorry. I was directed to their old application page.


Applied for London - Trading, received this a few days ago:

‘Thank you for completing our online numerical reasoning aptitude test. We are delighted to confirm that you have successfully passed the minimum benchmark we look for.’

No further news… anybody else ?


Same here, i applied to gba though


Has anyone applied to Exec management and heard back? I applied last week and haven’t heard back about the tests


Hi all, I’ve just received an invite for a 1st round Phone Interview, anybody else ?


I haven’t heard back yet. Is yours for ibd?




Guys I am apply for a summer internship with HSBC but quite confused by their GCSE requirements. They state that they need all As in GCSE, while one of my friends got through to their AC with only 300 UCAS points and definitely not all As in GCSE. Anyone?



Did you hear back after the phone interview? I just had mine 2 days ago and received an email that I met the minimum requirement and is under review.


Hey everyone, i’ve got my Global Markets phone interview soon anyone have any idea what to expect?


@cynthiadip bear in mind people do lie and cheat about their grades and if caught you could lose the contact. Not worth IMO hence why I haven’t applied to HSBC


Has anyone heard anything back yet from HSBC other than the generic “your application is still under review due to the high quality and quantity of interest in this programme” ?


I have just heard that also. I applied for Client Coverage. You?


Hi guys, the same email for me. Nothing else but this.


It seems like HSBC is planning ACs in December… I hope