HSBC 2013 sept start Grad scheme - Retail Banking/Corporate Banking AC


ah okay so did you pass the telephone interview? and how long does it last roughly?
Thanks for the help and i come from Warwick what about you?


I assume that I did based on the information that they got in touch with me, I need to give them a call with the details they asked for on Monday. I come from Lancaster.

The interview did last roughly for 30 min with another 2 minutes for introduction and information verification.

Do not worry with the interview, just be able to provide the examples which match the values they are looking for.


ahh congratulations :slight_smile: thank you… did you get the values from the graduate website?


In order to pass the interview you are more than fine with that the website provides, where else did you apply apart HSBC? And how far have you gotten in other companies?


hmm thanks for the help been feeling nervous!..For the integrity example what did you use? Applied for Santander, RBS, and some accounting companies how about you?


Connected - you need to demonstrate that you are being connected to different communities, cultures, ideas, etc - probably I went for Volunteering in Brazil
Opened - open to different ideas/cultures (I might have gone for Student’s Ambassador role) not sure.
Dependable - being able to do the right thing (in this particular example he made it very clear what he was expecting) I think I gone for the role in a coursework where I had to make a tough decision when we were analysing the example in more details, like if I had made a different decision how it would have affected a particular person concerned with the decision, etc.

Try to have some good examples of Teamwork/Leadership/Adaptability-flexibility/ perhaps volunteering work.


Thanks so much that was really helpful feel better now :slight_smile: so did they just ask for one example for each?


for each of the values 2 examples.


thanks for all the help :slight_smile:


Hey, how was your interview? Did you succeed? What did they tell you?


So? Anyone wants to comment their experiences after the telephone interview? What were you told?


Hi all,
So I have just been to the HSBC AC for the retail banking and wealth management grad program and I must say its the most relaxed assessment center I have ever attended. The staff are really chilled out, nice and you can tell they understand you are nervous and want to help you out as much as possible. The day consisted of a role play exercise, an analysis exercise and a one to one interview. Nothing technical was asked , just general common sense stuff. I have not heard back yet as I just did it yesterday but whatever the outcome is, I am just pleased I took part in it. To Sean, Yuigin, Olivia,Jack and David,if you guys are reading this,you guys are the best assessment center buddies ever and I do hope we all get the job!


Hey guys!

I have an assessment centre with HSBC in couple of weeks, position Corporate Banking trainee starting April 2014. Did anyone attend AC recently? Please share your experience, it will be much appreciated.



Hi nastka.r, did you have to do a verbal reasoning test with HSBC?


Yeah, I had to. Together with numerical test


Thanks for responding nastka.r!
I just got through to the telephone interview! Can you please share the type of questions you were asked when you recently completed your own interview? Also how long did it last??
I’d really appreciate any help/advice. Thanks alot!


It was very much competency based questions based on the 3 values of HSBC which are open, connected and dependable. I actually ended up having just 3 major questions during the interview, one for each value, but once you are starting describing your experience the lady was asking me even more questions about that specific situation. THe 3 questions I had were Tell me about the time you had influenced someones behaviour (opened). Tell me about the time you stood up for the right course of action in challenging situation (dependable). Tell me about the time you learned a new skill from volunteering or charity (connected). And when the deeper questions were like why you decided to do that? how do you think it influenced the person from your example. what do you think could have been done differently etc. My interview was about 45 min long.

Just think of two examples for each value and you should be good.

Good luck


Anyone taken the retail banking and wealth management telephone interview for 2014 start?

If so, please could you tell the type of questions you were asked.



Hi nastka.r,

I would be most grateful if you could share your AC experience for CB? I have one coming and have not found a great deal of info about it. What was covered in the day? What was the case study? Were there any other exercises/ activities? What was the interview like- similar to phone interview or was there a difference emphasis?

Any information would be much appreciated.



Hi guys,

Had my telephone interview yesterday and passed. Thought I would share the questions:

Based on motivation:
Why retail banking?
How are your skills suited to retail banking?

A time when…
you have showed empathy?
you have stood up for the right course of action despite being questioned?
you have learned a new skill voluntarily?

Very tough, constant interruptions with more questions within each question. Stay confident.