HSBC 2013 sept start Grad scheme - Retail Banking/Corporate Banking AC


Does anyone have any idea on HSBC 2013 sept start Grad scheme - Retail Banking/Corporate Banking

  1. How to prepare for Case Study?
  2. How to prepare for ROle play?
  3. Is there going to be a presentation to be made as a Surprise?
    Thanks in Advance
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Hi everyone,

I have a telephone interview for retail banking and wealth management coming up. Would anyone have any examples of the type of questions HSBC will be asking during this interview?


Hi diesel11,

Can you please share the questions you were asked at the telephone interview?



Hi as far as I can remember it was:

  1. Tell me about a time when you have provided exceptional customer service.
  2. Tell me about a time when you have been an active member of a team.
  3. Tell me about a time when you have gone above and beyond someone’s explanation.

There was also a bit of probing but the interview was fairly simple compared to others and they tell you if you have passed are not after it has finished.


Thank you very much
How did you do on the interview? I’m having mine on Tuesday and feel really nervous, I am not a fan of those “competency based” questions. Do you remember how long it was?


Interview lasted around 30 mins. I passed and the woman read me a large amount of fsa regulation questions. I have an AC coming up in march which I’m not looking forward to. Don’t worry you will be fine the interviewers are really nice.


Congratulations and good luck on the AC


Hi, I have this phone interview later in the week. Do you mind me asking, were there any other questions other than competency based? Did they ask why you chose HSBC, why you are suited to the role, any current affairs questions? Any further help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Only competency based questions


Thank you. If you have a chance, I would be extremely grateful if you could give me some examples of what they asked, if you can remember? Thank you.


All questions are based on the company’s value. There are total of 3 questions, but they asked me to give two examples for each. Don’t remember the questions exactly but that’s what they were about
1.give an example when you helped somebody
2.give an example when intigrity was questioned
3.give an example when you volunteerily learned something new. I failed on this one, the guy explained after that they want to know about something you learned and how you put it in work and how it helped. Unfortunately I misunderstood the question.
Hope that helps. Good luck


Hey guys,
I had the interview today and the questions were exactly the ones elibeli47 mentioned above. After the whole thing, the lady said I passed and their admin team would be contacting me. She never read any FSA rules to me and also did not confirm when the assesment centre would be so I really dont know where I stand. My advise would just be to be able to think on your feet. For each question, try to have two examples just in case the interviewer is not satisfied with the first. All the best.


Thanks so much for your help teegurl and elibeli47. Much appreciated.


One more thing…did they ask for an example when integrity is questioned or when your integrity is questioned? Sorry, just want to get precise examples.


when integrity is questioned


and they asked what and why you’ve done it


Hi guys i have the same interview on Monday am nervous, is that the only 3 questions they asked or anything else about HSBC? also what kind of examples did you guys give? academic/ non academic?


I just had the telephone interview couple of days ago and thought that I messed up and did not pass, but the following day (yesterday) the admin team got in touch with me and left the voicemail asking to call them back and provide with NI, 5 year’s of address history and other details, should I assume that I got through? Did anyone have a similar experience of those who passed the telephone interview?

As far as the telephone interview is concerned the questions are the ones mentioned above, be aware of HSBC’s values and how your examples can match them those values, they do not ask you why HSBC or why that particular division, if you cannot match the values - you will not succeed at HSBC.



Thank you EndendyEndendu what kind of examples did you give?


Teamwork/Leadership/Volunteering. By the way, what universities do you all come from? I just want to evaluate how competitive the candidates pool is.