HP Technical Graduate Scheme


Hi everyone

I applied for the HP Graduate Technical Programme (UK-based) and have a telephone interview on Monday morning.

They said the interview will be about your motivation, job interests, career plans, previous job and education experiences.

Just wondering if anyone else has experience with this programme and how I can prepare?



Just to update everyone I passed the telephone interview and now have the assessment centre on Weds 18th July

Has anyone got any info/tips for me?


Are you going to the assessment in Newcastle?


Yes mate. You?


That’s great. Yes I’ll be there too. I hope it goes well. Do you live in Newcastle, what degree did you do, what position are you down for?
I will be travelling from Manchester in the morning so it will be a long day for me. I am going for the Application support consultant role.


You going for the morning or afternoon slot?

Im going for the afternoon, Im travelling from Leicestershire so need all morning to get there.

How are you preparing if you dont mind my asking?


I’m in for the Afternoon slot too. I don’t know how to prepare for it to be honest. I am just going to go there and try to stay cool and calm with every task that we do. I get to Newcastle at 11:45. What time are you getting there? Maybe we could meet up at the station and make our way to the assessment together. Have you done any preparation?


I’ll be driving mate, leave about 8 get there for no later than 12 hopefully. If you PM your details I’ll give you a bell when I get there?

As for preparation Ive just been reading into the scheme itself, HP strategies and commitment towards new technologies, as well as making sure I’ve got my examples for competency questions.

You can’t really prepare for the individual presentation, or group exercise either really except to remember to speak up, ask quieter people for their opinions, make sure everybody agrees etc…


Hi guys, I too applied for the HP Graduate Scheme and have been called up for the A/C day in Newcastle. I graduated from Newcastle University recently, and was planning on moving to the North East region, hence I had applied for this position and of course my background in e-business.

I would really appreciate it if you could please give me some tips or advice for the A/C day, as to how you would say I should prepare and what to expect…I have been reading up on the HP and following advice from my careers service at University but any input from you guys will be really valuable and would probably help me as I am getting really nervous about this day… Thanks you so much!!


I was wondering if you could give a more detailed account of what happens in Newcastle. I’ve been told I need to give a presentation but I want to know more about what sort of questions they ask you and if there are any other activities after the presentation. Any response would be great :smiley:


HI All,
I need your guidance I did my first round HP graduate interview they said they will contact me in 2 weeks time if I success at that stage, now after two weeks they contacted me and tomorrow going for second round telephonic interview I have no clue what they are going to ask me at this stage… I applied for Graduate Java Developer any help will be appreciated …


Hello sp544! I hope your interview went great! I am at the same position now! I just had my first interview and they will call me for the second. Can you please share your experience of the second interview??


hi e_gk , i had my competency based telephonic interview on 14th feb 2013 and on phone they told me , u wil get second interview on phone or face to face , but i haven’t heard anything till now and its been two months, any one who are in same situation or any one know how much time they take to call second interview and @e_gk did they call you for second interview ???


hello shafio21! I believe that the second interview thing is just a polite way to reject us! :frowning:
They haven’t called me either!
I read some other threads, and most people went to an assessment center without a second interview!


Hi Guys, Im in the same boat except i applied for the business stream. Had my intervire a month ago and was told i would be contacted within two weeks. Have’nt heard anything and they have’nt replied to any contact ive tried to make. My applications still live on their jobsite so i dont know whats going on. I applied back in November and didnt hear anything till March, so they might just be really slow at processing applications.


I had a telephone interview today so sit tight. Any idea on the general waiting period between the phone interview and a response? The 2 week guide seems a tad inaccurate. Thanks


It took me a month to hear back after the telephone interview, but my friend who applied recently for the tech scheme had his interview on friday and got a call back today. There is assessment centres in Newcastle next week so it’ll probably only be a matter of days before you hear back


I’m on the graduate scheme now. It’s a con. No training constant cutbacks most likely trying to put you lot on the defence accounts under the business HP enterprise services which used be EDS. You gain no skills they box you in doing pointless admin jobs. As you gain no skills you can’t go anywhere so you are stuck there, a good way to keep cheap staff such as grads. And if you leave they just get new ones like you lot.

If you got contacted by a woman called Kuldip then i’m afraid you going to have to chase her up she is useless.

Please go somewhere else.


Forgot to mention there are many redundancies at the moment especially in EMEA. Also I have heard from senior managers that HP plan to sell enterprise services hence all the cutbacks to make them seem more profitable to protective buyers even though the amount of profit they are making is actually dropping. HP is a company that has no goal, has no identity and is lost. HP will not stay afloat long its days and your career if choose to work here are numbered…