HP - Consulting [Graduate Scheme]



Just wondering if anyone else has applied for the HP Consulting graduate role?

I have an assessment centre in Bracknell Wednesday 9th January 2013, anyone else going?

  • Obito

Hi Obito,

I applied for it, but just have the telephone interview to do. How did your ac go?


Hi Obito and Barnabu,

I have applied for risk consulting graduate program. I have my telephonic interview on monday. I will really appreciate if you can share your experience with me. What kind of questions did they ask.


Hi Raj,

im sure you’ve had your interview already, and i hope it went well and you made it through.


Hi barnabu,

thanks for wishing optimistic result. Yes I had my interview yesterday however the girl said they will again call me for another round of telephonic interview in two weeks time. I am not sure if this is what they do for security consulting scheme. After that interview I will be called for AC. how was your interview? Did you hear anything from them yet. plese share your AC experience with me


Hi Raj, apologies for the delay you can blame uni for that! I have been to the A/C centre so I can let you know some details, just let me know. Message me on any areas you need to find out.


Hi Obito,

I can understand uni can be demanding at times especially at the final leg. What program did you apply for? It will be really great if you can share your A/C day experience. Like what all exercises and events were there. and any insight you want to share.
Will appreciate.



Hi Obito,

Yes please if you can share any details that you think is worth taking note. I have my ac on the 27th of February. Raj will you be attending this as well?


Hi Barnabu,

I believe they will take a technical telephonic interview and then invite me for A/C. I have applied for Security risk consulting graduate scheme so I am not sure if the procedures are same. Congrats on clearing the telephonic round.


Hey guys,

Sorry for the late reply but I am free to talk :slight_smile:

Fortunately I received an offer for the role which is great however long story short will decline the role for Technical consulting. Luckily I can share my insight with you. So the format is a group exercise involving an exercise to all work out together and pitch to a panel (3-4 people). It’s a fun task so try and enjoy it… well I found it fun :slight_smile: Then I had a 1-1 interview. Word of advice, listen to any clues he/she gives in the interview.

Finally it was a pre-prepared presentation, this was about a technical/business solution that you will relay to the panel (2 people).

Hope that helps, please let me know any specifics and I’ll gladly help

  • Obito

Hey Obito,

congratulations mate…but why do you want to decline it? seems you got it in another big company. What kind of group exercise was that


Congrats Obito…is the tech consulting within HP as well? When you say clues, do you mind saying the kind of questions if you can remember? Just so I know if its tech or competency based or general.
Raj, I’m sure ul get through. Do you know when your tech interview is?


Hi Barnabu,

I am clueless on what will happen next as the girl who took my first round of telephonic interview said she will arrange the second round in two weeks time. lets hope for the best. What about you? what stream have you applied for? and how far have you reached?
Hope things are going good for you.


Hi raj, I’ve got my ac on the 27th of February. I applied for business consulting and project management. But I told them I preferred PM so that’s the role I have the assessment for.
I hope you get called for the next stage. By then I woulda had mine.

Still waiting for Obito to say what he remembers from the ac


Hi barnabu

I also am going to the AC next Wednesday - for PM, I’m worried about the presentation… Not sure what topic to do it on!


Hey Barnabu,

Now you have a company in hanaa’s form. It seems you both are going for a/c on the same day and for the same stream. good luck guys. crack it. One more question. Was the telephonic round call was from poland.


Hi hanna, congrats also. Yea, been cracking my head as well, hopefully something would come to mind. They asked for business or tech solution and its only 10mins for presentation, too short to really go in depth

. Raj, I think it was. It was a strange dial code.


Ah just realised - I meant the Tuesday so we’re not on the same day. Is yours for defence? I have to do a project/task that I was responsible for the outcome and it had an impact on others… Mine is 15 mins. And I didn’t have a call from Poland haha it was UK. Best of luck with yours! I’m worried about getting there…


the girl who called me was Agnieszka Pic…do they give you a presentation topic to go to A/C


Oh ok. No mine is for global services in the Technology department. It’s on a business or technical solution that I’ve been involved in implementing and designing. It says 15mins but 10 is for the actual presentation and 5 for questions. (According to my brief). What’s your job title?

Raj, that was the person that called me. Sure they are spacing out the ac’s.

Best of luck guys