How to Use Psychometric Tests for Recruiting Candidates By Dr. Richard Sherry


Almost all the upcoming companies have vacancies for new candidates and hiring new candidates is a difficult job in itself. To make things easier companies these days have started using the psychometric tests and they then prepare the final results of the hired candidates. The Society of Human Resource Management has roughly prepared an estimate marking that 18% of the companies use the method of psychometric tests for hiring new individuals in their company. Also it has been pointed out that this number is increasing at a rate of 10-15% every year.

Here are some of the key points that depict how to use psychometric tests for recruiting candidates:

• Know the Right Laws: When the process of recruitment starts, it is essential for the HR department of the organization to ensure the laws pertaining to psychometric tests and see if they are rightly followed. It is important for the organization to respect the privacy of the candidate and they should not diagnose the respective candidate in any possible manner.

• Understand Your Business Needs: The assessment that is made using these tests is should be well evaluated for the purpose of the candidates’ job performance. The company must have the quantitative measures for assessing the candidate’s performance of the job. Not having the right measures will keep you from selecting the right individuals for your organization.

• Finding the Best People for the Job: Psychometric Tests are conducted to find the best of the crowd. The tool has become beneficial over the years and big and small companies are using it for carrying out the recruitment process as well as for the promotion of their employees. Making use of these tests enable the companies to find the best people for the job.

• Reduce the Risk of Copying/Cheating: In order to make sure that the candidates do not encourage cheating in any form and to check that the candidates do not make others take up their test, it would be a wise decision to take down the psychometric tests from the internet and then get the exam conducted in the organization’s premises. This will keep a check on the candidates and you can monitor their performance yourself.

• Check Atleast One test Beforehand: The organizations must take down atleast one sample test before conducting the final examination. This is done in order to make sure that the exam is suitable for their organizations recruitment process and will assist them in hiring the best candidates for their organization.

• Understand that there are As Many Jobs as Many People: One most important thing to understand is that there are different skills, intellect and personality required for different positions in a company. Therefore, different psychometric tests should be conducted for different positions. Based on the results of the test the hiring of the right candidate must be done.

• Seek Feedback: Actually even before making the final assessment and hiring the candidates, it is important to know that it is only through these psychometric tests that the companies worldwide get to avoid the hit and the miss of the entire hiring process. This will indeed get you the best candidates from a lot.