How to pass PwC online tests ?


Hi guys,
After reading advice on this forum, I have set up several dummy accounts to apply for PwC Graduate Scheme. However, I was always rejected after doing their online tests. I found the logical and numerical reasoning tests easy but had no clues about what criteria PwC look for in the student talent and personality questionnaires. I am really desperate now as PwC is my dream workplace.
Any advice from you guys would be highly appreciated !
Thanks xx


I did all the online tests yesterday, and have now received an email asking me to the next stage. The personality test consists of 52 pages of questions.

Pick a most common, and a least common answer from the given lists. You get the same answers coming up a few times. The way i did it was to vary my answers, so that you don’t always say most/least to the same sort of thing. So one question i might give it the least common, and then if it came up again id select the most common.

No idea if that makes sense, but thats pretty much what I did and I got through.


gmc123: did you manage to secure a job wiv PwC?