How to make SWOT presentations more commerically related?


First of all, I’m so glad to find a place like this where other people in the same boat as I am are here! Its just nice to see how other people who are also looking for a job in retail buying and merchandising are doing. I had 2 assessment centres and 2 interviews in the past 2 months and unfortunately none of these have resulted me in a job offer, however good news is that I have more of these lined up in the coming month and they are the companies that I really am interested in working.

Recently I attended an assessment centre at monthercare for the position as a merchandising admin assistant, the day consisted of presentation from the company, group excercise in which we were required to prioritise through group discussion 8 tasks that a MAA would carry out on a daily basis, a competency interview with an existing merchandiser, and the last part of the day was to give a presenation on the SWOT analysis of mothercare’s toys.

After getting over the grieve of this rejection, I tried to get some feedbacks from the assessment, however the info I got from the HR department was very vague, but as follows:

“In regards to the assessment day the main area which you fell down on was the SWOT analysis and presentation. We felt that although you had researched a lot of information this was not applied commercially to the brief”

In my presentation, I made a lot of comparisons to the company’s competitors, made comments and suggestions on the quality and range of their products, discussed about product layouts and how they could be improved.

I tried calling the HR personel to discuss about this, but only to find she is never in her office! So I was hoping if you guys have have any ideas how to give a 'commericially-related presenation"? Many Thanks and good luck to all!!


Hi thedancingmachine,

First of all, sorry to hear about your unsuccessful attempts and good luck with future interviews.

2nd, Mothercare in particular is very bad at interviewing and then giving feed back. HR just does not bother about writing detailed FB nor does the interviewer. I had an interview with debenhams about 4 years ago (unsuccessful one) but received v detailed and useful feedback. Used that fb while preparing for the next one and got that job.

also, very recently companies have started asking for SWOT analysis etc and this is one easy and cheap way of getting research done especially when companies are not paying you traveling allowance :@

have a look on the below link and also ask if and what area of business need attention?

also, what kind of Math test did they take?