How to go about Shell application form?


I’m thinking of applying for Shell graduate program. Has anyone tried it? Please share your ideas. Thank


hey beaute,

application may differ depending on whether you are applying for commercial or technical role. I applied for the commercial one. Nevertheless, be sure to tailor your application according to the 4 main competencies they look for - capacity, achievement, relationship and technical skills. The application itself is really easy and quick to complete. You will probably spend most time on the “other information” section, which is why this position/department and another weird question, asking to provide any additional info that might support your application. I put my reasoning here why I wanted to work for shell and the skills i would bring - honestly was quite hard to identify what they are looking for here, but I bet it’s those 4 competencies i mentioned above. So be sure to emphasize them whenever and wherever you can on the application.


Hi, has anyone done any telephone interview recently? Have you heard back from Shell?


I am looking to apply for shell’s graduate finance scheme. Share your experience? Any tips?



can you guys update regarding answering questions of why you want a specific job etc?