How to get more people posting in the law section?


Ive noticed there are very very few WIKI ‘offer to acceptances’ on law firms which is a shame, as the ones in other professions like accountancy are really amazing. Is there anyway you can increase publicity for wikis on law firms (not just MC firms) so that more people come on to post their experiences at interviews and assessment days?

Ive read everything else on here and other parts of wiki and its brilliant but each firm has a very different approach to things in their assessment days and so the more info there is the better! :slight_smile:


no response from wiki?



The law section is not as developed as the accountancy or investment banking sections. If you see the [[list of law firms]] there are actually quite a few Wiki interview profiles for firms, although there are fewer forum posts of law firm’s recruitment processes.

I suggest you use the [[list of law firms]] profiles to guide you and update your own experiences in the forums! …WikiJob can only become a great source for law interview feedback if more and more students and graduates contribute their feedback. We don’t market ourselves conventionally, and rely solely on Google and word of mouth advertising - so if you want more feedback, spread the word!