How To Get Hired In Management Consultancy - Free Online Training Course


Hi all,

Apologies if this post is not allowed.

I’ve worked as a Management Consultant for almost a decade and I’ve created an online training course designed to help graduates secure their first job at a Management Consultancy company.

For a few weeks I will be giving free access to anyone willing to send me a review after they complete the course and another if the course helps them secure a job at a Management Consultancy firm.

The course contains 6 hours of content on how to develop management consultancy skills and how to pass the application process.

If you would like to take the course in exchange for providing a review, please private message me and I will send you a link.


Hi all,

This opportunity is still available for a couple more weeks.

I’ve been asked a few questions about the course so I’ll post some more information here for everyone else to see as well.

The course is broken down into 2 sections with 7 lessons each.

Section 1 covers specialised consultancy skills that a Management Consultant needs to do their job. The idea is that by learning these skills and finding a way to build experience in them (all covered in the course) you’ll have a lot to talk about in your job applications and interviews.

Section 2 covers how to successfully apply for a job at a Management Consultancy company. It covers everything from writing your CV, Cover Letter, Application Portal and passing the interviews / assessment centers.

Please see the course contents below:

Part 1 - Consulting Skills
• Using This Course
• Process Design & Improvement
• Project Management
• Agile
• Business Analysis
• Bonus lesson #1 - Business Writing & Emails
• Bonus lesson #2 - PowerPoint Presentations

Part 2 - Getting Hired / Finding Clients
• Career Planning
• Become The Perfect Candidate
• Applying To Consulting Firms
• CVs & Cover Letters
• Interviews
• Bonus Lesson #3: LinkedIn & Networking
• Bonus Lesson #4: Independent Consulting

I was also asked about my background and what qualifies me to teach anyone this. The answer is that I’ve worked for Deloitte and Accenture as a Management Consultant and I now work as an independent consultant with my own consultancy company.

Please contact me if you would like access to the course in exchange for a testimonial.

If anyone has anymore questions please let me know.



Hello! I am in the process of researching for consultancy graduate schemes having studied law at llb level. I have no actual business work experience and would love to test your training course if that’s still possible as it sounds like an amazing tool to get closer to a role (am considering business consultancy at EY). Thanks a lot!