How To Get Hired In Management Consultancy - Free Online Training Course


Hi all,

Apologies if this post is not allowed.

I’ve worked as a Management Consultant for almost a decade and I’ve created an online training course designed to help graduates secure their first job at a Management Consultancy company.

For a few weeks I will be giving free access to anyone willing to send me a review after they complete the course and another if the course helps them secure a job at a Management Consultancy firm.

The course contains 6 hours of content on how to develop management consultancy skills and how to pass the application process.

If you would like to take the course in exchange for providing a review, please private message me and I will send you a link.


Hi all,

This opportunity is still available for a couple more weeks.

I’ve been asked a few questions about the course so I’ll post some more information here for everyone else to see as well.

The course is broken down into 2 sections with 7 lessons each.

Section 1 covers specialised consultancy skills that a Management Consultant needs to do their job. The idea is that by learning these skills and finding a way to build experience in them (all covered in the course) you’ll have a lot to talk about in your job applications and interviews.

Section 2 covers how to successfully apply for a job at a Management Consultancy company. It covers everything from writing your CV, Cover Letter, Application Portal and passing the interviews / assessment centers.

Please see the course contents below:

Part 1 - Consulting Skills
• Using This Course
• Process Design & Improvement
• Project Management
• Agile
• Business Analysis
• Bonus lesson #1 - Business Writing & Emails
• Bonus lesson #2 - PowerPoint Presentations

Part 2 - Getting Hired / Finding Clients
• Career Planning
• Become The Perfect Candidate
• Applying To Consulting Firms
• CVs & Cover Letters
• Interviews
• Bonus Lesson #3: LinkedIn & Networking
• Bonus Lesson #4: Independent Consulting

I was also asked about my background and what qualifies me to teach anyone this. The answer is that I’ve worked for Deloitte and Accenture as a Management Consultant and I now work as an independent consultant with my own consultancy company.

Please contact me if you would like access to the course in exchange for a testimonial.

If anyone has anymore questions please let me know.



Hello! I am in the process of researching for consultancy graduate schemes having studied law at llb level. I have no actual business work experience and would love to test your training course if that’s still possible as it sounds like an amazing tool to get closer to a role (am considering business consultancy at EY). Thanks a lot!


I have recently migrated this course to a new platform (Udemy) therefore I am once again offering it for free in exchange for reviews.

So far the course has had very positive feedback with many people saying that they have found it useful.

If you are interested in taking the course please email me at and I will send you a link to the course as well as an activation code so you can enrol for free.