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Interview questions and work/life conditions at Travers Smith

Many non-legal (pre-conversion) students favour the Travers Smith interview because questions tend to be concerned with your opinions on general news topics (such as Madeline McCann, freedom of speech and the global economic crisis) rather than anything even vaguely concerned with the law or anything commercially oriented.

They’ll probably ask you questions that make you debate with them and justify yourself, rather than the standard ‘give me a time when you…’ but personally I think this is the best way to sort the wheat from the chaff!

Travers were voted UK Law Firm on the Year 2007 in the British Legal Awards and Mid Mid-Market M&A Law Firm of the Year 2007. Their profits were some of the highest per partner in the City last year despite their smaller size - bear in mind that successful small firms don’t tend to show up in league tables where only overall turnover is counted. Obviously, the biggest firms have the largest revenues, although not necessarily on a per person basis.

Most people think the Travers office has a nice vibe, quite chilled out and relaxed. Some people comment that elements of the firm’s structure can be quite old fashioned, but this is changing, slowly.

In terms of size the firm is trying to keep itself small to focus on quality, which means there isn’t so much opportunity for Employees to go on foreign work placements. The firm does have a policy which allows TC employees to work at “best friend” offices in other countries however, so if you are highly keen on worldwide travel, you may still be able to do this.

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Where is the UK office?


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Travers Smith uk office:

10 Snow Hill



I have a first round interview soon and wondered whether anyone could give me any guidance as to the type of questions I may be asked. I understand they are not like the conventional interview questions asked. How do I prepare for a debate?