How to get a job in tje UK/USA?



i have a few questions. First of all, I’m from eastern Europe, Croatia. I’m studying electrical engineering, third year, 23 years old.

I have a lot of questions about CISCO job occasions in the USA. I want to know more about how to get a job there from here and which qualifications I need to possess to become competitive.
I would appreciate if someone with years of experience can tell me more about what to learn the most and what skills I should have.
This year I’m preparing to pass CCNA exam. I’ll get a few CISCO switches and routers for easier learning. Next year, at the end of the college, I’ll try to pass CCNP exam and then I’ll try to search for specifically jobs somewhere outside of my country.
One more, do you think there is something better/profitable then make a CISCO career? It doesn’t have to be about CISCO certifications.

Also, how much important it is to have language certificates? What degree would be acceptable for employer?
How to get a job?
Last one, please give me your opinion how to apply for a job? E-mail or something else?

Remark: Currently I’m work in the biggest bank of Croatia like a student in the Network area associated with SQL. Job here is really exacting so I think I’ll be prepared for more stressful work after colleague.

I’ll appreciate every answer or advice I’ll get. Also you can contact me on my PM.