How to get a consulting job when you lack experience?


Hi guys,

I’ve completed my MBA last year (October 2011) from Oxford Brookes Univ and have experience of working on 2 projects as consultant (Freelance).

First one was as a Consultant for an ICT service provider (SME organisation) based at Oxford.
Here my role was to critically analyse their business processes & performance,and suggest strategic direction / recommendations for the business.
I worked in a team of 3 and got a chance to work closely with CEO of the organisation.

My second project was for a new international charity organisation working for the cause of physically disabled people in India (with offices in London & India).
In this project, my role began as external consultant helping them with the development of marketing / corporate communication backed by extensive research.
Later on, I was asked to help them in development of marketing strategy and marketing plan.

Now as I worked as freelance consultant for both the projects, whenever I apply for a consultant role, I get rejected based on lack of 2 yrs of experience or lack of experience of working for consulting firms.

Because of these reasons, I’m finding it very difficult to break into the consulting industry.
I’m on 2yrs Post-study work visa.

I don’t know how to deal with this and what should be my approach in landing up with a role in consulting firm.
I would request your valuable suggestions in order to help me cope with these downers.

Thanks in advance & kind regards