How to delay response to a deloitte offer


hey guys, Ive been offered a graduate job by deloitte which Im really happy about. However I have a BDO assessment day coming up very soon as well as waiting on E and Y partner interview, which is taking forever! To be honest I am more keen on E and Y as the people during the recuitment process have been really nice as well as the office being a great environment to work in. Any way, Deloitte have given me a date to reply to the offer but I want to wait and see how the others go. I was just wondering how I should handle this. I dont want to just sign to Deloitte without giving the others a go, but at the same time I dont want to let the offer go without assurance of the other offers. I just want to know the best approach, ideally delaying the deloitte response. thanks, and if any one wants advice on deloitte process, as well as E and Y and BDO let me know, Ill put up my experiences on here soon.


It is really quite simple. You phone Deloitte and ask them to extend the date by a couple of weeks. Usually they are quite happy to do so and will even ask what date would suit. You just tell them you need a bit more time to think about it. Don’t mention E & Y but Deloittes are not daft. They know all the grads are applying everywhere and they’ll want to stay in your radar.
Then phone E and Y and tell them you’ve had an offer from Deloittes and have to repond by “date”. If E & Y are on the ball and want you rather than letting Deloitte get you then they should try and move things along for you.
No, this is not a wind up. I know at least two people who have had a similar situation. Offer but not from their preferred firm.
The H R people just work off lists of names and dates that they plough through. The acceptance dates are just handed out on a rota too.
Good luck.