How to deal with the Bad Guy in Interviews?


Hey guys,

So I’ve been interviewing with some of the banks for IBD this year. My experience from almost all of them is the following: On almost all of them, my first interview on the day is smooth and the person interviewing me is very friendly.
On second or third I end up with a complete asshole. Who is somewhat of combination of uninterested aggressive and says my answers are wrong even if I know they are correct.

One guy was clocking me 20 seconds on some answers I were given him. (competency based that is)

My question is, is this a conscious strategy by the banks? Or am I just having a roll of bad luck?

Most importantly, How do you deal with the bad guy? How should you act in order to impress him.

That normal bullshit “I have been dreaming about a career in finance, I am great at teamwork and have positive attitude bla bla” don’t seem to work on these guys.

Help me out!