How to come across correctly at Interviews?

Civil Service Fast Track

So far i have attended various interviews from roles in trading to asset management to my latest folly the GES. How would you suggest you change your interview technque accordingly because im worried that i come across as to hungry and aggressive for many perspective employers because when they ask the inevitable question so where do you see yourself in x number of years i reply in this role which is always i want to be the best type answer etc. I toned it down for the civil service sector as my mate who works there explained to me that that attitude wouldnt be welcome or particularly desired there.

Whats your thoughts on this ?

Secondly how do you come across when you go into an interview i have been told that i can come across as threatening to male interviews because of the fact that i am confident in my abilities articulate and although im an economics geek im also extremely sporty and have so im told an imposing manner because of this.

I desperately want to show that im young hungry and very very determined to get to the top but dont want to come across as itimidating or arrogant which i know is a fine line can anyone help ??

Cheers Ras

ps want to work in IB but only trying other routes because all those doors are closed atm


From what I have seen (not extensive, but still) it seems like it is only IB where slight arrogance might get you ahead, the other areas prefer a little humility…


“a quiet confidence” is what i’ve always used. be confident but not to the point of arrogance. not that i got any jobs in IB mind!


A quiet confidence is spot on. Especially now. Employers want intelligent, confident and notably conscientious and reliable people. They don’t want people that are going to **** things up. They can’t afford to take risks when hiring and every hire they make they want to be sure will be someone who wants a career in that industry and someone who will work hard and get the job done.