How to be better


Hey everyone. Just wondering what other people do to keep up with business/world news and how you try and think about this in relation to whatever company you’re applying to? I watch the news, but find the FT just too meaty and confusing. Get a feeling commericial awareness has a big part to play in getting hired, and wondered if there was a good student source of it?



Hey, can’t believe no one has responded to this. There is a business and careers newspaper made just for students - called the gateway. It’s EXACTLY what you are looking for by the sounds of it. I think a lot of people get it confused with the FT.

It’s funny, I actually ended up discovering it when searching for latest free FT in my business school and found the gateway in its place. It’s much much easier to read. You can get it on campus - maybe ask your business school or you can just go online - just google it


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