How to answer this question?


Describe a time when you have presented a persuasive argument to a group of people which resulted in a mutual outcome.

I am confused again…can anyone give me some suggestion or example about it??

Thank you so much!


do you mean, " a mutually beneficial outcome"? …its a [[competency based questions|competency based question]] asking you to describe a time when (and how) you persuaded a group to do something that they didn’t entirely want to do at first.

An example could be… you were travelling as part of a group in Mexico and wanted to go to Mexico City but no one else wanted to. You explained the benefits of visiting the country’s capital and showed your group exciting things they could do once you all arrived there… the result was you went there and everyone enjoyed the visit. See also - [[competency based questions]] - and use the STAR technique (described) to help you answering this question.