how to answer this question in E&Y application form?


Hi all,

“What was the last activity you completed that took you out of your comfort zone?” MAX150.

What do they want to know from this question? Can I just answer is as" what is the most challenge thing you have done?"

really confused…

Thanks for any suggestion.


I put nervous public speaker, I had to give a presentation in University and I am a really nervouse public speaker. My sister is scared of heights and she went sky diving, so I suppose that’s taking her out of her comfort zone, If you had to take up exercise to lose weight, that could be one, such as running a 10k, which I did as well, but I want to use that as a learning experience - adapting to change, persistence, dedication etc.


You’re over-worrying. They just want you to describe a time when you achieved success even though you were doing something that was unnatural to you or doing something you normally find difficult.

As Jen said, public speaking even though you are nervous is good example to use - just make sure you explain the outcome was very successful (i.e. everyone liked your talk and you got 90% for doing it).

What examples from your own life can you think of?


Agree with the other comments but… you’re better served with an example which shows you to score some points in common business competencies such as:

agile with change - successfully operated in a new environment
being bold - tried something new
leadership - brought team with you along some course of action
management - assigned tasks to a team, coached them
Self Development - the end point was you learning something.

Any or all of these would “take you out of your comfort zone” if it was for the first time, or particular demanding due to external factors such as a challenging deadline…