How secure is a Sept 2009 Big 4 audit contract


I’m not trying to be paranoid, but I keep thinking I may lose my Sept 2009 audit contract…

Are companies likely to shed trainee accountants?


i keep thinking the same…i accepted an offer from a big 4 and rejected 2 other offers. Now I keep thinking maybe should have accepted all 3 and then waited till summer to pull out of the other 2. really anxious if am still going to start on not…sept seems far far away!!


It’s unlikely they’d rescind your offer, and it’s unlikely a [[big 4]] firm will go under - apart form [KPMG] …there’s been some strange news about them recently, and the 4 day work week issue is very worrying. Even so, it’s still fairly unlikely they’d go under.

If anything did happen to you guys, most likely it would be having your employment offer delayed by 6 - 12 months.

However if this happened, you’d probably be paid something, and probably in a lump sum, which is a great excuse to go travelling and just have fun.

@Traineewannabee - I wouldn’t worry too much (:P)

@raisa - it isn’t really right to accept multiple offers, but unofficially, if you had done you would have been more secure.