How much of an advantage is getting a First?


Ok, so I know that they value extra curricular activities, etc etc etc… But do you think that, especially this year and the cuts in graduate recruitment, those with a first in a top 10 uni will be much more sought-after???


Right now they’ll want people who they can be ‘’‘sure’’’ will stick with their firm (demonstrate [[commitment to career]]), will fit into investment banking (strength of personality), and will be willing to work very, very hard (accept long hours - covering more people’s work).

A first and a good uni on your CV will bolster your applications in any economic climate - as will extracurricular activities, to a lesser extent. Right now investment banks want sure thing hires - they wont be taking any risks on graduates so more than other candidates you need to show them just how committed you are to the job you want, the industry and the firm. Good luck!


I should think so. I have a first in Physics from the University of Manchester and it has been like a golden ticket into jobs. It doesn’t get you in anywhere, but boy does it help.

If you can get it, do! It will make your life so much easier, and it will always be on your record.