How much does the standard of lecturing vary across the country?


I am interested to find out what the standard of lecturing is like on ACA courses.

I’d like to hear from people across the country about their experiences of the lecturers, so that i can try to figure out if it makes a difference where I decide to base myself for my Articles.


I can’t really comment on the standard of lecturers, but in my experience, you just have to work hard and do the prescribed work.
Most of the work is clearly set out and if you have a problem, you can approach the lecturer on a one to one basis. I have found that most lecturers are more than happy to assist people who approach them for additional explanations.

In short, do your articles in the place you want to live in or the city that will give you the most experience in the industry you want to specialise in.


Despite what the labour party thinks (with their post code lottery statements etc), lecturers and human and so are students and standards will naturally vary. Someone who I think is good may not be able to get through to you and vice versa.

Dont worry about the lecturers, they will be a small and transient part of your life.

Work hard and you’ll pass