How many people get through each recruitment stage with the Big 4?


Throughout my applications I’ve been keeping an eye out for any information on about what percentage of people get through each stage of recruitment in the Big 4 companies. It’s quite hard to gauge from a site like this… most people on here are really focussed about getting the jobs, and people may not come back and reply if they are rejected.

So… does anyone have any information about the numbers involved in processes like this? Obviously numbers aren’t set in stone but there must at least be quotas.



I don’t have any specific numbers

But most people are shed at application and online test stages

I think most tend to go from first interview to assessment day unless they seriously mess up

At AC stage depending on the firm 1/3rd to a half get jobs I think

As for quota’s they have some fixed limits but they are also flexible for the right candidate

But yes wikijob isn’t a good way to check as generally the higher percentile of people (who are also more likely to get jobs) use the site


an ey assessor said that approximately 1/3 get through initial stage, 1/3 get through the first interview and 2/3 through the assessment day.


i spoke to a deloitte recruiter at a presentation evening and she said, 50% usually go on from first interview.


I’m only an accountant so my maths need to be audited, but based on EY stats quoted above that’s only 74 getting through from a start group of 1,000?
I have heard various stats from PwC eg 15,000 applicants for 1,000 places.
It’s probably more realistic to look at the stats of those who get from 1st interview to the offer of a job. I’m sure that there are (like it or not) a lot of no hopers who fill out the application forms, aren’t trying seriously etc.
So, I like the Deloitee stat of 50% going on from 1st interview.!


By this do you mean that 50% of the people that have the first interview pass the first interview?


yes 50% of people who actually participate in face-to-face or telephone first interviews will go through to AC.