how many competency questions can be asked in 1st interview?


Could anyone contribute any idea how many competency questions may be asked in an one hour interview (maybe with pwc)?

As I don’t have many outside university/society experiences, I’m wondering if that’d be boring and not convincing when I give my examples only under situations like part time, full time job and university projects?



There’s no upper limit really - best thing to do is to try and come up with as many examples as you can that perhaps cover a wide range of competencies…



It’s difficult to say how many would come up but if I remember rightly I think I got asked about 4 or 5 in my interview. If you’ve had experience of part-time work, full-time work and uni you should be able to think of enough examples. I would say just try to vary them, so don’t list examples from one project at uni. Also think about any hobbies you might have or sports you might do (it doesn’t have to be in a club) as these can also sometimes be used for examples as well. For example I really like swimming but never joined a club at uni or anything, but I was able to use it as a time management example, by saying that I had tonnes of work at uni and had to decide what was more important and what could maybe be left for a few weeks.


Hey! It does totally vary and depends on the type of interview, as they say ‘informal’ or ‘formal’

An interview referred to as ‘informal’ by HR took an hour and involved around 9 Q’s, not all competency though, about my application too. The interviewees were quite friendly and chatty, talking about random things lol.

An interview referred to as ‘formal’ by HR took an hour as well, but there were around 16 Q’s, varying from Q’s around my application, uni, my interests, problem scenarios and what the auditor would do (I did auditing last yr, i’m lucky i remembered some stuff), a few quiz q’s, who is the first minister (was sooo not expecting this) got one wrong though lol.

Yea so just be prepared for everything and anything coz you’ll feel a lot more comfortable during the interview. Hope that helps :slight_smile: