How long should it take for firms to inform you of the outcome of a final interview for a TC?


In theory it should take a week, max. Companies sometimes take longer to get back to unsuccessful candidates, because they aren’t a priority.

However, in practice firms can take absolutely ages to get back to anyone - successful or not. It comes down to how busy HR are, if key decision makers within HR are away (or on holiday - which is probably your problem in this case as it is August), and sometimes it just comes down to people not doing their job properly.

‘’‘Jezjez’’’ - Who are you waiting for to get back to you? Name and shame!



waiting back for WEIL, GOTSHAL…

i’ve heard some ppl are informed within 24 hrs (usually successfully) and if you get a call any time after the first day after the interview, then you’ve generally been unsuccessful. had my interview on monday night, now wed morning!


In all honest the longer you wait the less likely you are to get an offer. If you haven’t heard anything within a week I’d call them just to check they haven’t forgotten to make you the offer.

Keep us posted…!

What were your interviews like at [[Weil Gotshal & Manges]]? Was there an [[assessment centre]], etc?


Online tests, assessment centre, final interview.

well my interviewed finished half 6 on monday, if i get nothing before lunch today then i think its been too long


jezjez wat did you have to do in your assessment centre? I have just applied to WGM, could you run me through it?


Did you get it Jez?