How long to receive response after EY Final Partner Interview



Hi guys,

I had my final partner interview for the FIDS position at EY 16 days ago and I am yet to receive any correspondence regarding the outcome.

Does it usually take this long?

I’m suprised as the partner said “See you soon” at the end of the interview, which made me think I’d got it. But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself!

If you guys could let me know that’d be great!


Have you called them yet?
That is worrying in my opinion, I am still waiting to schedule my partner interview but I would have hoped to find out within 1-2 days…


Definitely call EY and have them chase it up.


Yeah I’ve given them a call today and they said they were chasing it up.
Same thing they said last week.
Not too happy to be honest, as so far it’d gone without a hitch.


@dinarasafina450, any response from EY?