How long to get a result for the AC at KPMG?


Thanks a lot Lee!! this will really help!!! gud luck to everyone going for an Assessment centre soon!


ok thank you minty23!!! will help alot

not been given a date yet, just the email notifying me i will be invited shortly.

Was told to download the PAPI response - i guess from the list of questions youve listed i should select the ones linked to my papi evaluation.


Traineewannabe just wanted to know was your feedback from KPMG OR PWC? thanx


in my interview jst asked me about leadership and team work… but i guess every interview is different

for the presentation
make sure u are able to expand on one point, because they asked me what growth/expansion would you do first?

they will also ask how you will finance the expansion, so be prepared


They might* ask you about financing expansion - there’s no set template for a partner interview, be it the presentation or the rest of it!

But it pays to be prepared for every eventuality anyway.


hi traineewannabe,

Sorry to hear about that, the way they access career motivation is a bit strange. May I ask what sort of questions they asked you related to career motivation and how you respond to these questions?



They send the PAPI questionnaire feedback to you but how do you go about using this to prepare? Will they ask about the things you said you felt confident with and enjoyed or the things you appear not to like doing so much?
I haven’t had much experience at leadership and it showed on my PAPI questionnaire. Am I likely to get a million questions on leadership now?


Also msra6jm4 do you go to Manchester Uni?


was from kpmg


yes rachel i do lol

on the bsc economics course



Hi Lee
Did u hear anything from KPMG?


Not yet. I called them several times but still no reply. I don’t know why.


oh that means even i will have to wait that long, coz i completed my ac today…not to worry everything should be fine


AR-plz can u tell u what the partner asked you…and what was the topic for the team work excercise…i have got mine coming up…thank you!!!



I just finished the PwC AC yesterday. Still,haven’t heard of them so far, really want to the outcome.

I’ll tell everyone my experience after I get the result…

P.S. Congratulations Carina87


Hi Minty
My partner interview i believe did not go that well, coz she was quite indifferent, but i have heard that mostly they are good. Unlike everyone, she told me that she does not have much time and that if i exceed the time limit she will have to stop me. also after that she asked me a number of questions on the presentation. Then she moved on to competency questions. In total it took me around 90 minutes to complete the session with her. According to me the first interview was much more relaxed as compared to this interview. But it really depends upon the type of person you meet. The topic for the group discussion was regarding a cd/dvd business facing certain problems, we had to come up with some suggestions how to improve the business. I dnt knw hw much time it will take for them to respond now as lee told me that he has not heard from them till date. I belive the questions posted by lee are more than sufficient for the partner interview. Don’t worry just prepare for the worst and i think you will be fine.


Hi Lee
Any luck?


I wish…but no~~ did you hear from them?


no… but it has takn them quite long to gt back to u… do u require a work permit?


Yes, I require. Which service line you applied for?