How long to get a result for the AC at KPMG?


Hello, is there anyone who attended AC at KPMG recently? I attended mine last Thursday which is 20th Nov. They promised to email me the result within three working days and later sent me a email said they need a few more days to give me a decision. Does that mean there is some problem with my application? Or they are just too busy to deal with it?

Is there anyone has similar experience? How did you deal with it and what’s the result?

Thanks very much.

PS: I will post my experience later after I got the result. Wiki job is really a good place to share information.


What pratice area is it? I get the impression they reply really quickly to people in the practice areas where they hire lots of people, and take longer in the areas where they hire less people, but that is just a hunch.


Yeah, maybe that is the case.I applied for IT advisory. I called the graduate recruitment line and they said I need to wait until next week to get the result.


I attended an AC (for tax) at PwC on 17th November. Had a personal exercise which I messed up really badly and a Partner interview with a very nice person which went really well. More an informal chat than set questions. I knew I had failed because of my poor performance in the exercise, but not having had any feedback by Friday I began to feel angry that they did not have the courtesy to at least inform me. Then on Monday 24th I got a call telling me I had met the competencies and was offered a position. The HR person apologised for the delay and said that the partner had been out of the office and unable to provide his feed back until the Friday.

So do not dispair. Not everyone gets a reply within a few days, and not hearing immediately is not necessarily a rejection.

Good Luck.

(Also thanks to everyone that has posted their experiences - it has proved invaluable).


took them about 6 days for me

just found out i failed…doh!

Task management – 5
Drive – 4
Making an impact – 4
Business focus – 3
Building relationship – 3
Leadership - 3
Problem solving 3
Career motivation - 2

you have to score above 3 in all of them…not sure how i failed career motivation, considering i did accounting degree/work experience etc…


Congratulation, carina87. It’s great to hear that you got the offer.
I’m still waiting for the outcome. Can’t believe they need so long to get back to me. But no other choice, just be patient and wait for the result.


traineewannabe, sorry to hear that

You’ve already been that far…

Did you call them for the feedback? or they emailed you?

Don’t be too upset, you are quite successful considering the scores. Good luck for the job hunting in the future.


thanks lee, luckily i’ve got a (verbal) contract from deloitte so all is not lost!

it’s annoying though

good luck with the job hunt!


that is so strange, i got the exact same thing from kpmg…


lol, when yesterday as well?

because i swear mine is wrong, i sucked at the etray, and was good in the group! but i rang them and they said they were my notes so who knows…


Hi Lee

I have an AC for IT Advisory on 09 Dec. Could you please give me some information about the same. I am really worried about the presentation. I have prepared something for Primark. I am really worried, please give me some suggestions regarding the presentation.


Hi ar

The presentation is fine. You don’t need to be worried since as I know, interviewers will ask you some questions but won’t be very deep and hard. They will just look for clues on you about those competencies.

I know little about Primark but my suggestion is to manage the time well, be confident and mention some points that relate to KPMG, something like how can KPMG help improve the business, especially what’s the role of technology in the business. I didn’t manage the time very well and the interviewers had to remind me that I still have a lot to say with only 3 minutes left. The questions he asked were closly related to your suggestion and understanding about the business like why you think one of the suggestions will be effctive. Only 5 minutes for him to ask you, so threre won’t be too many questions.

Be prepared and you will be fine~ Good luck~


The partner in my interview asked me questions for about 15mins, though he did say he was really interested about the company/industry I was talking about as it wasn’t another big retail one… So there’s no real fixed timetable that they stick to - basically they just like a chat!


lee have you got a reply from hr yet?


no, I’m still waiting…quite desperate


oh okay i had mine on 29th nov, and they sent me the same mail after i rang them today, looks like iv got a long wait then, i keeping checking my mail every hour lol!


Hey guys, please can you list the competency questions partner asks at the AC KPMG one, I have gt mine on the 15th…really tensed about the presentation…i want to well prepared for the competencies at least.

Thanks a lot!! gud luck everyone!


Yes please i have the same request.

What exactly apart from the presentation shall i expect from a partner interview at KPMG.

Also are we required to use different examples of a occasion working in a team from them ones i wxpressed in the first round.



I dont think it matters if you use the same examples, coz im pretty sure they are not going to ask the same competencies…when is your AC?


Sorry minty23 and msra6jm4, I didn’t record down the exact questions after the AC. Now I can only try my best to remind, and list some questions that I summarised from other posts, hope these will be helpful.

Basically, the interview is very similar to the first round. It is a strict structured one but the style is more like a chat. Don’t be too nervous or too relax. Try to focus on the questions he asks and identify some clues about what he wants you to say.

My experience:

The interview covers four aspects. Leadership, Career Motivation, Drive and Porblem Solving
I applied for the IT advisory department, so don’t know whether it is the same with candidates in other department


  1. What is your leadership style? Give an example that how you lead a team to achieve something.
  2. Describe a time when you motivate a team to change / adjust its original strategy / plans. What’s the result?
  3. Give me an example when you lead a team without any guidelines or supervisions.

Career Motivation

  1. Why KPMG
  2. Why IT Advisory
  3. What kind of research you have done about KPMG and IT Advisory?
  4. Did you apply for other companies? What positions?


  1. Imagine if one day you want to leave KPMG, what will be that reason?
  2. Describe one thing that you gave up in the half way? Why you give up and what you learnt from that?

Problem Solving

  1. Describe a situation that you have to make a decision in a short time.
  2. Describe a challenging situation in a working environment

Other people’s experience:
 Why do you want to join this firm? Why not a competitor?
 Why the service line?
 What do you think you can bring to this firm?
 How do you think you will benefit from working here?
 Where do you see yourself in five years time?
 What do you do in your spare time?
Tell a time when you did not achieve your desired goal and how you felt?
Share your opinion on the economy
What the successful and unsuccessful businesses are at presence
What issues are businesses facing in the current climate? (credit crisis, lack of lending etc)
What issues are currently affecting Audit? (SOX, auditor independence)
Where else have you applied?
What is your proudest achievment?
Tell me a time when you have had to coach someone after a poor performence?
Tell me a time when you have had to step in and take the initiative?
Tell me a time when you have had to adjust your approach after a sudden change in objectives?
Tell me a time when you have had a manage a team?
Tell me about a time you worked in a team - did you face any problems
Tell me about a time when you just had to give up
Tell me about a time when you worked extra hard on something
Tell me about your interests
Tell me about your impressions of the university

msra6jm4, I assume it is ok to use the same examples since I asked the partner in the half way of the AC whether I can use the same examples that I used in the 1st round and he said it is fine.

Good luck to you guys~