How long to decide after receiving offer?


Hello everybody,

I am wondering… Once you receive an offer for a graduate position (fingers crossed), how quickly do you have to make a decision? (e.g.: for a September 2009 start, do I have to sign immediately when receiving the actual contract, or within a week, or a month?)

thanks in advance for any reply-


probably 3-4 weeks



I don’t know what company you applied for but at PwC it was 4 weeks but if you had a particular reason (like you were waiting to be invited to an assessment centre for another company) you could ask them to extend it. So I’m guessing most graduate recruitment schemes will be similar.


Thanks for the replies c22 and whya.

Is there any circumstance in which the company can break the contract once signed, leaving the graduate without a job? (i.e.: is it a good idea to look for back-up alternatives?)
On the other side, what if I get an incredible offer after graduation; will I be able to step back from the graduate programme giving them some kind of notice?

(I know, I’m going a bit too far, but I’m trying to take into consideration every possible scenario)