How long it takes From AC to Offer/Rejection in KPMG


Anyone knows?

I have my AC next week, some people said if you would wait for a while, you are more likely to get offered rather than rejection, is it true?



I think there’s no real set time for them to get back to you - my partner was very busy the week I had my AC so it was almost a week before I heard back with an offer, whilst I’ve heard of others being called on the same day.

Its the worst wait ever, but if you do well and come out of the AC feeling good about it you should be fine - good luck!



Did HR mention they will get back to you in 3 working days after ur AC?


Many people find out by the next day, but do not worry if it takes longer - it doesn’t mean you haven’t got the job!

I’ve heard plenty of stories of people waiting up to a week but still getting the job - like joyrevision says, the Partners are busy people!


took a week before I got my offer (summer internship though).