How long do Intern Applications take to fill out?


I’ve heard the summer intern applications will be opening during September, what I’d like to know is how long do the online applications take to fill out effectively in terms of days/weeks? As soon as it opens I’ll begin working through the application and then get my careers advisor to check it etc.

Am I right in thinking that its best to send them in within 1-2 weeks of the applications opening or is it ok to take my time?

Also one other thing, what academic results do I include in the application is it just GCSE’s and A lvls? Or do I need to include my year 1 Uni results too?


They usually don’t take long to fill out - most of it will be standard stuff such as name, other personal info and grades

The longest time will be spent on questions such as why do you want to work for this firm and what do you know about the service line etc.

The quicker you submit it the better

I assume they will want year 1 results aswell