How Long do Deloitte take to reply after an assessment day?


Hi, i had an assessment centre with Deloitte yesterday (Thursday) and was jus wondering how long they take to reply? I know they said i should hear within 3 days but I heard that if they want to offer you the job, the partner usually calls you the same day, is this true? As it’s the weekend now, should i assume i have been unsuccessful?

Any responses would be a great help.


I got the offer the next day in the afternoon. But if they’ve said 3 working days, then you should give them 3 working days :slight_smile:
Good luck x x x


were you at the same assessment day on Thursday?


I had an assessment on Wednesday x


I got a call within two hours. But there were some people on this forum, who been offered a job only three days after AD. I assume it depends on a partner as some people prefer to leave everything till very last minute. If that would be a ‘no’, you propably would get a rejection email by now. So, as been said before - treat it like a delay, not a rejection.


I got made an offer after 3 days, this was simply because of the fact that the partner and the director didn’t have any time to meet together, so it just depends on how busy the person who interviewed you is and how busy the partner is. Best of luck



Has anyone got their start date for london yet?
I am starting in consulting EA on 16th August 2010


Hey Shellbell

I am starting Sept 20th 2010 for ERC Tax, London.


That’s early, when did you have your assessment day?


I got a phone call from the partner that interview me the following day – midday. But I would wait patiently 3 days and you may as well get an offer phone call on the 3rd day of waiting.


For consulting, how important do you think the case interviews are vs. the partner interview?


hi,ltown, did you get the job at last?how long did you hear from them then?


I got a call about three hours after the partner interview.


Hey I had my interview on a Friday before the long weekend and got a phone call on Tuesday morning (next working day). Just wanted to put the message out there for anyone like me who is anxiously waiting by the phone - they don’t always call on that day. I would say that about half the time they don’t. Usually they will call you within 1-3 working days, and if they don’t, don’t be afraid to give the HR person a call and just ask how your application is progressing and when you could expect a decision by. Do it tactfully and you’ll be fine.