How is this forum funded?


This site must get tons of hits, and also i don’t see any affiliate links and stuff. Therefore does this site make money or lose money!

just a random questions, probably i shouldn’t create a forum topic about it haha


You’re right about that. It doesn’t make money. That’s not say we wouldn’t like it to! We just want to make sure we don’t spoil what we’ve created. If you’ve got any ideas let us know though!


could sneakly sell some links, the site has got a good page rank so it would be

you could ask for donations at the top of the site and indicated how much the server cost is. Probably at least some people will donate as i’m sure that you helped them get the job. also you could make some profiles donator status or have a different colour so people know they donated

or you could allow the forum to be viewed if you sign up, then you have more people to spam for donations lol or i guess you could just make the forum umm closed or only opened for 1 day , then you have to pay membership of £2 to help with the server costs

hmm but i just waffled, i’ll try and think of some more


i don’t know if some companies offer a referal/affiliate fee if you find them a potential employee…if they did then i guess you could have a link to each website with an affiliate link for the relevant company

look at other job site competitors and try and work out how they make money :slight_smile:


I think a donation request like wikipedia had recently would be a good idea.


Chris and I have been discussing the donation idea for a while.

@Traineewannabee - the idea for different donator user status is a other good one. I guess we could have several colours depending on how much users had donated over their lifetime.


hmm charging users is not a good idea.

  • most websites dont charge their users a fee, they generate income in other ways.
  • not all industries are built up enough with sticky how to get a job posts either, so a lot of users wont get satisfaction for their money spent. the accounting dudes might, others less so.

@ Newbie - I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll be charging users for access to WikiJob. The users are WikiJob! And anyway… employers have a lot more money than students and graduates so long term, if anyone should be paying it should be them!

However, there is a lot of value in WikiJob for users (I think!) and a great deal of resources are used to keep this site going - so if users did want to say thank you with a fair donation it would be very well received!


One idea that I have, and has probably already been considered…

would be to have ‘premium pages’ which a company would pay for, allowing them to have more control about the information/recruitment process page, I could see maybe them being able to adapt the page’s style to match their corporate image etc.

However this would raise concerns with any openness or impartiality, might be perceived as Wikijob favouring and promoting some employers over others.


This is a great thread. Thank you people!

@ Ucayman - It’s a good idea and something that has been discussed between the WikiJob founders and actually with companies too. However the conflicts of openess and impartiality do worry us. Also, many other sites host company profiles already.

The ultimate goal would be to develop a means of commercialising the site, without hosting any kind of direct advertising and whilst maintaining our neutrality.


Out of curiosity, we have been thinking about putting up google adwords on a temporary basis to help us cover the costs of running of it (which can be pretty significant). Do you think this would devalue what we are doing or do you think most people wouldn’t really be bothered by it?


I’m not sure how much you would get from it, but i think i’ve seen it on other job sites, beside there’s enough good information on the site for people to not get put off by a few ads.

Just try it for a month, watch the bounce rate and other stats and see how much you get!


I agree with that. I think a trial of adwords would be interesting and potentially useful, but I don’t think we should put it on the front page or in the forum - just wiki pages.

I also think a trial of the donation facility would be interesting, particularly after the news about Wikipedia’s recent donation drive will have brought the concept of donating for useful online services to the front of many user’s minds. …I imagine that when users get their job offers, they will be particularly likely to donate too!


Because Wikijob is primarily a community, and relies on the willingness of people to spend time detailing their experiences and giving advice, is it right to use ads to raise money on the work of others? I would argue that if you could make it clear that it is to support the running of Wikijob, maybe have the text ads in a section titled “Help support Wikijob” (???).

For the first time in months of using the site, I noticed the little services section, I think they could be made a bit more prominent, but that might bring capacity issues. Maybe put some links at the bottom of the organisation pages, much like the interview/covering letter advice pages have.

Chrism: Personally I wouldn’t be too bothered by it, but then again that probably means I wouldn’t click them either, I normally just ‘zone them out’…

Redsuperted: I actually think that there would be no issues with having adwords on the forum pages, I agree that none should be on the front page though. But I think there should be a max of two text ads on the right hand side, keep any impact on users’ navigation to a minimum.

I like the donation idea. Maybe Wikijob should encourage those that do get a grad job with help from here to tell everyone, maybe a forum section or a form with the username added to a celebratory page?? You could then send a congratulatory email to those people and hint that now they are going to be earning lots of money they should donate some to Wikijob ;-).

Think that was a bit of a ramble…



do you mean adsense?

adwords is for like advertising your own website, probably something you don’t need to do considering you have so much fresh content and high seo rankings


We’re trying Adsense. The placement is not entirely perfect yet!

What do you guys think?

Edit: wink @ Traineewannabee!


I think the best way to make money would be to start seminars for graduates on the job market. For those that have received job offers as a direct result of WJ, they would be more than willing to do these things for free. Hire a hall, get those speakers in, charge a small fee (possibly a fiver for a ticket), and you would honestly get loads in.

The seminars could be about anything: “Q & A session with a KPMG trainee” for instance. You could also plug your CV and cover letter services in the session. You could also start up small fairs of your own, hire a hall, sub rent small spaces for companies that are recruiting, and also plug wikijob there.

Once WJ becomes THE website for graduates, you could charge a small fee for premium services, such as, the ability to download booklets such as those from insidecareers, or discounts on books related to careers from suppliers. Even, and this would absolutely rake it in, organise something with the economist to take a cut from people who subscribe to the Economist from this website (the idea could apply to other specialist magazines). Who knows?

I don’t think you could make much money from ads by Google, or from this actual forum, but I think ideas such as those could do well. Just my 2 cents, as they say.


PS. Not liking the Adsense


yeh that#s good, high risk though well and a lot of effort lol but good.

Yeh the subscription idea is good also

You could also have a job board i guess in one section where people could pay you to list their vacancies


I think a job board would work, but a lot of work is needed to keep it a quality job board. There are a lot of problems with the way job boards are layed out on other websites. I think a totally seperate website for that would work - a sister site even, and move the CV and cover writing services to there. Perhaps it could be called haha!


@HTale - what exactly don’t you like about the adsense?

What do you think of how they lay out the adsense on this site -