How is Forex Market???? (need info)


Hi All,

Great to come across such a site where in we can share and clear some of our doubts.
i have recently accepted a offer in FX trading division, previously i was working in equities domain.

Can some one tell me whats the future of FX market and how is it gonna perform and all?
Will there be any job cuts in that domain?

will the work be hectic in FX divison?

any info in this regard would be of great help…



FX work is fairly hectic- unlike other markets which close, FX is open 24 hours a day, so at most banks there are trading desks in 3 seperate locations, and at the start and end of each day there is a handover conference call to prepare the traders in the office (typically New York, London, Tokyo) for the day ahead of them.

In terms of the performance of the market- the market is made on volatility- of which there is plenty. I do not believe that anyone is particularly worried about the future of the FX markets, however you are more likely to stumble into recruiting troubles due to the shorter term effects of the [[credit crunch]].