How instrumental is a summer internship in obtaining a graduate job?


So, I basically applied for a summer internship to 3 firms this year, but failed at varying stages of the application process, hence not securing any. I have dedicated far too much time to applications during the 1st semester and I don’t really feel like applying to any more firms. I need to concentrate on studying now, as my 1st semester exams haven’t been too great.

I’d like to know whether not doing an internship significantly lowers your chances of getting a job?

Has anyone been successful in grad job hunting while not really doing anything worthwhile the previous summer? :frowning:



I didn’t do anything worthwhile the previous summer and got job offers from Deloitte and PwC.

Don’t really think it matters all that much if you’ve done an internship or not really.


That’s comforting to know. I do hope I’ll be luckier next year when I apply for a grad job! I intend to apply early - when do grad job apps usually open? I know that this year, deloitte opened in july or so, and it’d be great to be able to start the process at that time.

I can’t imagine having to do an interview or an AC during exam time or nov-dec when I’ll have loads of coursework to do, like last year.


lol I did my Deloitte AC 2 days before my exams started. It’s definitely best to try and get it out of the way early. I was hoping to get KPMG and so i didn’t even bother applying for others until after I’d been rejected, which meant I left it a bit late. It’s good that you at least have the experience of the application process which I would have liked to have.


I have no idea of the stats but off the top of my head I would suggest that the number of successful applicants obtaining a graduate trainee position with a big 4 firm who have had summer interns is leass than 5%.
Someone out there may have actual stats for this.
So, not paramount at all to have intern position.
Remember there are two intakes in some firms. April and Sept.
If you are in your second year now then I suggest you get cracking with applications for 2011 (?) as soon as they open this summer. Some start taking apps on July 1.


I was wondering, since I applied for an internship, and the grad job is a different role, would I still have to wait the 6 or 12 months before applying?


Good question. I’m not the authority on this but from limited knowledge I believe that the application for summer interns is not connected to applying for full time post of graduate trainee.Lots of peole are unsuccessful in applications fpr internships because there are so few vacancies relative to the number of applicants. Those folks then apply for grad jobs without having to wait 6 months. A quick ring to HR should confirm my thoughts.
Or there will be someone on the forum with knowledge on this?


I would have to agree with tutor that many people aren’t successful in getting an internship simply because of limited places and it wouldn’t be fair on those who have tried to do so to hinder them in applying for a graduate role. In fact it would more than likely cause them to lose out on getting the best and most keen graduates.


Id say its more important for investment banking position a oppose to accountancy grad programs.