How important is the status of your University for entry into IB???


Hi all

Recently graduated from a mid-tier University with a First Class Honours degree in Business and Management studies. I’m aware how competitive it is to get into IB and alot of sources say if your not from a Russell Group university you’ve got to go even further to demonstrate your capabilities …etc.

Basically I’d like to know just how hard it would be for me to break into IB compared to Russell Group graduates i.e. is it worth applying at all? Also would it be worth waiting until I have a couple of years work experience and possibly an MBA? Other information (and probably more stumbling blocks), I have 280 UCAS and no full-time work experience

Any help much appreciated!!!


a lot of banks would ask for more ucas points and with the current situation, firms can be more choosy and may pick employees from those with experience, just cos they can. i’m not sure how important unis are for their name, but certainly the russell group would be able to give more advice on applying to these kinds of places + banks would visit them at fairs etc.


You can see similar discussions on other threads. Don’t be discouraged by your Uni, or UCAS points or work experience.
Try to get some kind of job (full time, fixed contract or even internship) where you can obtain some transferable skills. You may wish to do a Masters degree afterwards and give another shot at your dream firm.
My flavour of the year would be to go to Big 4, work for 3 years and qualify as ACA and make a switch afterwards.



My flavour of the year would be to go to Big 4, work for 3 years and qualify as ACA and make a switch afterwards.

This is the problem, going to the Big4 is the hard part, any advice on the back door to accounting? i wanna start my acca as soon as i get my trainee position etc, i am a graduate but not didnt do alevels, did btec diploma!


What did you graduate with? There are plenty of accounting firms (see - [[list of accounting firms]]) that you can try. Most firms outside [[big 4]] accept graduates with 2.2’s or even 3rd’s. If you show enthusiasm and prove that you can do the job, many smaller accounting firms should be keen to hire you - generally they struggle to find good graduates!