How I Got A Job in the Civil Service from start to finish

Civil Service Fast Track

Got a letter through this morning informing me that i had been succesful at the interview stage etc etc blah blah for a Assistant Statistician position within the Govt so il talk people through it as i can tell you that they are actively recruiting and currently have more vacancies than applicants.

Step one

Fill out online application form and attach CV

Step Two

If you are succesful they will write to you and inform you that you are to attend a numerical and verbal testing centre at their office in Westminster.

The Verbal test is simply I scored 100% and had plenty of time its similar to other SHL tests so just practice them.

The Numerical test was harder and not at all like the SHL ones, It consisted of 10 multiple choice questions on statistics problems such as statistical definations, correlations, regressions modelling etc if you dont know how to do these then dont bother applying as you wont be able to blag it. For practice i would just look at A level statistics books and or Econometrics books.

Second PArt of the test was Data analysis where you were given a set of data mine was on car ownership then asked to write a report that could be published in a national newspaper so all your answers had to be simplfied and explained in a non mathematical way etc. This counted for the vast majority of the marks.

Step Three

I had to attend an Interview where i was interviewed by two senior members of staff and quizzed on my statistical knowledge and asked a variety of questions. They werent hard so long as you had some statistical knowledge etc you were not asked to calculate things in your head or anything like that. After the statistical questions it was a simple competency based interview such as give a time when… or how did you deal with an unexpected problem…

Two weeks later i recieved a letter informing me i had been sucesful. Its not what i want to do long term but i need a job and until i can get into banking or trading its a start and will look alot better on my CV than just an empty space.

Hope this can be of help to someone.



Congrats Ras,

It’s a good direction to head in if you want to make the switch in a couple of years. Some solid stastistic/econometric experience coupled with a CFA/MBA should do the trick.


Yes thats what im hoping for , when i had my interview they said it would be possible to do another MSc at Imperial not sure how true this is but its definately something im going to look into now that i know what i need to do to break into the finace world.

cheers Ras