How I found my Graduate Internship


Calling all students

Given up, Feeling hopeless

I know many final year students are in the same situation, having just recieved their third year university results. You are given a number whether it be a 2:2 2:1 or if your lucky a first. You soon find out that this really is just a number there is no magic behind it, you soon find out that this number is not one way ticket to your dream job.

This may seem gloomy and depressing however there is a glimmer of hope thanks to the University of Lincoln.

I was recently in the position of feeling lost and I wanted to utilise my degree to its fullest potential. I started the job searching process a couple of months ago after completing my exams. I didn’t know where to start, then I was in the library one day when I saw a poster advertising the enterprise building in the University of Lincoln, I noticed that they were holding a session where you could go along with your CV and just have a general chat about what you wanted to do. I left my CV for it to be checked over, comments and suggestions for improvements where then sent back to me via email. After posting my details on the enterprise website, I received an email through from a recruitment agency called Prospects, who work along the Univeristy of Lincoln promoting internships.

The University of Lincoln has set up a graduate scheme aimed at final year students to help them find a career. This scheme is unique to the university as you can only apply for a position if you have studied and are about to graduate from the University of Lincoln.

After two weeks of trawling through the different vacancies that Prospects had sent me, I found a role to suit me and my degree, internet marketing assistant. After applying for this role, one day later I recieved an email inviting me in for an interview and a further two days later I was contacted to say that I had got the job!

There is HOPE, keep applying and remember follow your dream, if you are not part of the University of Lincoln I recommend finding out if your univeristy has a student support centre and check if they offer any thing like this scheme. It will really give an advantage as less people will be applying for the same job, as you can only apply if you are part of the university. Good Luck!!