How does everyone find KPMG's feedbacks?



Hi everyone!

I just had my telephone interview with KPMG and failed. I think KPMG is very kind to provide some feedbacks even at this stage. However, I do not think the feedbacks are a true reflection of my performance as some of the points mentioned are a bit surprising and I find it difficult to link them to any parts of my interview. I know this may sound a bit arrogant and probably incapable of dealing with failure, but reading the feedbacks sometimes makes me wonder if I am reading those for someone else. Is there anyone who feel the same way?


What questions did they ask technical or competency ?

If competency what questions where they ? Maybe you didn’t draw upon a wide range of experience or answer in the STAR format they desire.


It’s competency based, and they will tell you which qualities they will ask about after you book the interview. I am not surprised by the fact that I failed, but find the feedback strange as some of the points do not seem to describe any parts of the interview.


Hi Sherry,
I felt exactly the same way. I think so many people apply it’s basically close to lottery. And yes, it seemed as if comments refer to someone else.


Haha I guess they have a template and just tick against one of the options for everyone so it is not very customised. Understandable for a big organisation. :slight_smile: Thanks!


How long did you have to wait to heat back from kpmg after the interview? I had mine on friday and have not heard back as yet.


I heard after 2 days, but they say they try to reply within 3 business days, so they’ll probably reply u tomorrow. :wink: good luck!


Thanks. But I did really bad in making an impact. I was really nervous throughout the interview and kept repeating many point. There is little chance that I pass the interview…but still hoping for the best. Will let you know about my outcome!