How does Backround verification process at PWC work?


Ok guys…i’m soo paranoid about this issue… I applied for a grad position at PWC for the 2009 intake and I graduate in June 2009. I put in most of my obtained module marks for my 2nd year but for some I had to put in what I thought I would get since I was still waiting for the final grade. Now Ive receieved the final grades for those modules and my avg has cum down from a 2:1 to a 2:2. Now my question is: say that I do receive a conditional offer from pwc. Do they check my penultimate year grades before I get my actual grade at graduation, or do they make you an offer over the phone, and the actual contract and checkings take place after you get a 2:1? In which case I should just worry about getting a 2:1 and not whether they think I can get a 2:1 or not?

Thanks in advance guys!!


cybergal, I thought you could select whether your grade is predicted or obtained on the form… I’m sure I did this for my PwC application. I selected distinction for my MA, and then put that it was predicted and not obtained yet (my dissertation is being marked at the mo). I think overall they are more concerned about your overall grade i.e. if you get a 2.1 rather than the individual modules. If they ask about your marks just explain to them that you thought you were on track for a 2.1 but didn’t make the grade. And anyway, the gap between 2.1 and 2.2 can be negible in some instances (e.g 59.8% and 60%) - it’s not as if you selected a first and then got a third!

Good luck :smiley:


thanks for the reply Imiliano. yes I did indicate 2:1 as predicted. But then realised that if incase they checked my results with the school for my 3rd year they may think I lied or sumtin. But there was another section asking for all module marks in the first degree. Thats what im worried about. But if they are only going to check all this after I recieve an offer and I graduate with a 2:1 then this wnt be a prob. Im jus worried they’ll check rite now, in the sense before nect June when i grduate. Do you know if they actually do all the backround screening before you actually start work or immiediatly after they give you a conditional offer?

Thanks again


There are minimum academic results that you need for the Big 4 though, mostly being a 2.1 - you’d probably be best off giving their recruitment hotline a quick call and ask anonymously…

At least time is also on your side too to perhaps attain the 2.1!