How do you prepare for telephone interviews?

Credit Suisse

Well, i have 2 lined up now, 1 with Credit Suisse next week and 1 with BarCap in Jan, both in the technology department.

I was just wondering whats the best way to prepare for these? I’ve neverh had a telephone interview so i’m trying to write out some key points for some competency questions but there are so many, that i’m not sure i’ll be able to cover all the questions.

So how do you prepare for a interview?

Has anyone got any tips for Credit Suisse or BarCap?

Thanks alot


Hey Kev,
This article on - [[telephone interview]]s - could be very useful to you.

I’m really interested to get your feedback from these interviews - would you be able to give us feedback once you’re had these?!



Thanks for that. I’m just preparing some key pointers for the interview, is that a good idea? And also I was wondering, if you get past the telephone interview, what chance do you roughly have realistically of getting the position? Do alot of people make it to this stage?

Has anyone else had any interview with CS, if you have please could you write up some of the questions they asked ;)?

Redsuperted, i’ll gladly give you feedback when i’m done, wish me luck :smiley:


right, just had my credit suisse one, think it went quite well fingers crossed.


  1. Why [your uni name here]?
  2. Why this [Coursename]?
  3. Why credit suisse, over other firms
  4. Why non-technical placement as a pose to technical
  5. Whats your greatest achievement
  6. Tell me about a time where you didn’t succeed in doing something
  7. Tell me about a time when you had to communicate to someone less knowledgeable than yourself
  8. Tell me what programming skills your familiar with
  9. Tell me a time you worked under pressure

Thats all i had for my technology placement at credit suisse, hope this helps someone.


Its good to have some questions and key points that you want to talk about in front of you, for me I found that it relaxed me a bit. From the ones I have done I’d say the best thing is to make sure you dont sound like your reading off your answers, try and sound natural if you are going to have notes in front of you. Even though you wont have this advantage in face to face interviews make the most of it!