How do you manage your time between different academic and social activities?


How to respond?
Do I need to provide a example or just talk generally?


Its a bit self-explanatory really… Give examples of extra-curricular / out of work activities you participate in, maybe talk about some travelling you’ve done - just show that you can balance work and life competently, and that you’re not just another boring drone who has nothing else to say for themselves.


I actually interpreted that question differently. I always talked about how it was a matter of prioritising which is most important - ie, plan your work in advance and ensure you keep on top of things, so you’re able to take time off for social/recreational purposes (which is also important etc etc).

I gave an example of when I was writing my dissertation, in that I planned to work weekdays 9-5, which allowed me time off in the evenings and weekends.


Thanks, joyrevision. Your explanation eases my nerves.


Luke makes a good point too, be careful you don’t go off into trying to cram as many ‘buzz words’ into you X00 word limit as you can though :wink:


Thanks, lukeb. I like the way you responding to the question. Both of you give me valuable advices.
What about " what do you learn from your uni?"
I am thinking of mentioning the key competencies elaborated by examples, but I am afraid that would be too lengthy.


Well there’s lots you can say about Uni, not only academically but in your personal life too. Don’t be too general, but don’t focus too much on one point.


Haha yeah Joyrevision, everytime I mention one of those buzzwords in an interview I have physically restrain my urge to cringe!

They work though, particularly at first interview…


strong interpersonal skills, ability to work well with others or on own initiative… ARGH!


Thanks. You guys are generous in sharing your experience… oops! which is one of the competencies! Haha