How do PwC send offers?


I received a phone call informing that I got an offer from PwC. But I still haven’t received it… How do they send their offer pack? By email or post? And how long does it take?


They emailed me mine. I got mine the same day I got the phone call so maybe wait until monday and if you still haven’t got it give HR a call



I got a call from the partner who interviewed me (16th June) the same day, then call from HR next day but still no offer through in email as promised.

Are you for the London intake? Maybe they are just busy atm… anyway, I will be chasing them later today if I don’t hear anything till then.

well done and good luck!



I did the partner interview on 8th June and received the call from HR on 13, June. But no email till now…

I have called them this Monday, and i’m still waiting for the email… I think they must be very busy now…

Hope we can get it soon~ Good Luck!



Thank you for your help. I’ve called them and still waiting…


I shouldn’t worry I didnt receive my contract until about 3 weeks from my intitial verbal acceptance


I 've been waiting for more than 2 weeks. Hope I will get that soon~ haha~ thx for your help!


Hi guys - i have my partner interview soon. Can you guys take me through your partner interview. I have no idea what is expected of me. I’ve applied for Assurance and i’m not an accounting student so have no clue what its gonna be like!..

Would really appreciate some help!!