How difficult is the ACA content?


How difficult is the ACA content? I have read some who have said it is roughly as hard as A-levels but it is the sheer volume of it which can become a bit much.

My background is humanities and I graduated with a 2.1. As such, my maths isn’t anything amazing, what parts of maths should I be really comfortable with? Is it just %s and the basic operations?

I start my contract in 2 weeks and haven’t been given much information from my firm other than the timetable for the first 2 modules. I will attend 4 days of college for Accounting and 3 days (weekends) for Assurance.

How many hours of revision will I be expected to do after work when preparing for these examinations? I have been told I will be expected to sit the exam within one month of starting these modules.



hi wannabeanaca! I was wondering if this 4+3 day schedule is the same for PwC or E&Y? Do you know whether there is weekend training for those as well?


No idea, it depends on your college provider and whether your firm put your through tuition…
Think there was talk of PwC making all knowledge papers self-study…

I’m going to a small company, outside the top 100.


thanks a lot mate!


Whats the small company because I need to apply everywhere :frowning: most of the top 50 rejected me lol


It’s Bristow Burrell.
What are your A-levels, degree classication/subject/university?

Maybe I can help as I know of some vacancies :slight_smile: